Ubud Town and Accommodations

Ubud is an ancient town in Bali, Indonesia and is located only 35 kilometers northeast of the Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is usually cooler in temperature compared to neighboring towns because it is 200-300 meters above sea level.   It is known for it’s fine arts, crafts, dance, culture, literature, music, architecture, and much more. It is located centrally on the island, which makes it very simple to get to the majestic mountains, white sandy beaches, and other major towns in Bali. It truly is a town filled with a lot of inspiration and beauty.

Ubud is renowned for having nightly traditional Balinese dances that are part of the culture of this amazing island. The dances and Hindu ceremonies are specially arranged everyday so tourists can come and get a glimpse of the beautiful traditions of the Balinese people. It’s the best area to come to if you are looking to fill your vacation with the Balinese culture.

Tourists and visitors that come to Bali, use Ubud as a base when spending their holidays in this magical place. It has nearby neighboring villages that are known for bamboo crafts, woodcarvings, stone carvings, furniture making with special Balinese wood, and many other crafts. Amazing rice patties, traditional Balinese villages, art and craft communities, old historic temples, and ancient palaces is what draws people to this special town. It is a low-key place where people can come and escape the madness in high profile areas in Bali. It’s a perfect place to stay if you want to be only 15 minutes from the closest beach, and to come home to a quiet town without all the hustle and bustle of the big city. It has reasonably priced places to stay compared to other beach towns. It has great accommodations for low-cost villas and luxury boutique hotels, which are available for tourists and people that are visiting the area.

Pambali offers many different Ubud accommodations. The Awan Biru Villa is one of the most luxurious Bali villas in the Ubud area. It has been built with a unique traditional Balinese architectural style and has 5 deluxe bedrooms, an air-conditioned gym area, 2 pools, a fully equipped kitchen, and much more. It offers majestic views of rice terraces, temples, rivers, and the famous Agung Mountain. The daily rates for staying in this villa $900 USD for Low Season, $1250 USD for High Season, and $1500 USD for Peak Season.

The Puri Naga Toyo Villa is also one of the best villas in Ubud. It offers amazing views of the Batu Karu Mountains and also the magical Ayung River. This villa has been in many international magazines and books. It has 4 bedrooms, a large swimming pool, and all the amenities that a five star Bali Villa can offer. The daily rates for staying in this luxury Bali Villa is only $480 USD for Low Season, $580 USD for High Season, and $689 USD for Peak Season.

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