Travel Guide to Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Dua Festival 2010

Travel Guide to Bali, Indonesia – go to for more info on Bali, Indonesia. What to see / do * Batubulan — The village of Batubulan is marked by stone figures on the roadside. Artists at function can be observed carving divinities and demons from sandstone for ornaments of houses and temples. * Gianyar – Gianyar is the centre of Bali’s textile industry. Ikat weaving is a speciality of Gianyar and is what the Balinese use for their conventional put on. * Gunung Batur — Gunung Batur is a still-active volcano at an altitude of 1717 m. The Balinese rever to the mountain as the second-holiest mountain on the island and it symbolizes the female element of Agung’s male. * Kuta — Kuta is a thriving tourist resort with beautiful sunsets and is popular for surfing. Tourist facilities include restaurants, shops, discos and regular performances of Balinese music and dance. * Nusa Dua — The Nusa Dua tourist resort provides some of the most stunning and luxurious hotels. Nusa Dua is recognized for its clean white beaches and clear waters for surfing. * Pura Besakih – Pura Besakih, over a thousand years old, is the mother Temple of Bali and the biggest and holiest of all Balinese temples. * Pura Kehen — Pura Kehen is the religious heart of Bangli’s numerous temples. * Neka Art Museum Ubud Bali — The Neka Art Museum Ubud Bali has a permanent collection of present day work of Balinese fine art inspired by the all-natural beauty, individuals, and the culture of Bali. Events Bali, the most colorful and lively components of Indonesia
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