Nice Semarapura Klungkung photos

A few nice semarapura klungkung images I found:

Bale Kambang at Semarapura Palace
semarapura klungkung

This photo was taken by Lanfranch
This "floating pavillion" (c. 1710) was used as a council room by the rajahs of Klungkung, and it is part of the royal palace of Semarapura. Beautiful paintings of mythic tales decorate the ceilings.

Semarapura, Klungkung
semarapura klungkung

This photo was taken by macloo
This small city (Semarapura) looked a lot different from many other parts of southern Bali that we saw. It appeared to be a real city with no tourism influences. The structure at right (Bale Kambang) is one of two with elaborately painted ceilings. The monument memorializes the Klungkung soldiers who died at the hands of Dutch troops on April 28, 1908. The Lingga-Yoni shape is 28 meters tall.Tags: , , ,