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Do You Know – Hot Spring

The hot spring is a kind of spring,of which water gush from the underground. Compared with the temperature around them, the one of the hot spring is 5 degrees higher. Internationally known geyser distribute in Iceland and the Yellow Stone Garden in the United States.

Hot Spring in Iceland

Hot Spring In The Yellowstone National Park

It came into being naturely. And it has been shown to be beneficial for the health, for instance, it can relax the joints and muscle of the whole body, reduce fatigue, promote of the blood circulation and improve the metabolism.
However, although the hot-spring bath do help to the health, but not to everyone.
Suggestion is given here that People with hypertension and heart disease on the premise of taking medication regularly have hot-spring bathing last no more than 20 minutes each time. And they had better have a companion while bathing.

Hot-spring bathing seems simple, but not all the people know how to soak. While you are having a hot-spring bath, close your eyes as soon as possible, breathe several times deeply and slowly; Soak from the pool of which temperatuer is gentle; Do not stay at the pool of which temperature is too high for more than 10 minutes, if you sweat, feel thirsty or your chest feel tight, do not worry. Because of the high temperature of the hot spring, they are common appearances of the promotion of the blood circulation. At the time, soak in lower temperature’s pool or reat for a while can ease symptoms.

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